The emotional health of a surgery patient can affect the success of many surgical procedures. Thus, insurance companies often require a psychological evaluation before having a surgical procedure, such as spinal cord stimulator placement, pain pump placement, bariatric surgery or an organ transplant.

In a pre-surgical evaluation, a psychologist will assess:

  • Emotional and psychosocial concerns, such as anxiety or stress
  • Health-related behaviors, such as alcohol, drug or tobacco use
  • Expectations of surgery’s results
  • Cability to comply with treatment regimen following surgery

Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

Patients undergoing weight loss surgery may need a pre-surgical evaluation to be approved for surgery. Most health insurance companies require such a clearance in order to determine one’s emotional health, so that the patient succeeds in meeting his/her weight loss goals following surgery.

Bariatric surgery is already a difficult road, so our job at Apex Neuropsychology Center is to help make the pre-surgical evaluation easy. Our objective psychological evaluation process assesses each patient to help identify any mental disorders that would hinder his/her ability to cope with the effects of surgery.